LSD was the choice of surfboards for the Tsunami beach SLSA surfing competition. Twenty-Six Surfers entered the comp for some high flying action packed fun on the Maoli Monster Wave. Congrats to the top 12 (due to two ties) who moved on to the Pro comp.

Top Twelve:

Mini Final
Neptune01 – 14.33
Wilfrid Decuir – 13.50
Sarah Pevensey – 13.33
Kr1st3n – 12.83
Sally LaSalle – 12.66
Dax Verlane – 12.50
Reigndrop – 12.50

Remaining top Twelve:
EllaAnastasia – 13.33**
Bobbi Laval – 12.83**
Tawnielee – 12.50**
Kristoffer Juneau – 12.33**
Bethany Felismo – 12.00**

A big thank you from all of SLSA to the Title sponsor and owner of Tsunami Beach Maryann Maa and to the staff which worked the comp: Event Coordinators- Robin Mapp & Alvaro Pevensey, Head Judge- Xander Datura, Judge-Jordan Mendle, Judge-Sunrize Mornington, Marshall-Monq Mapp, Security Officer – Neptune Maa, and DJ-Maldrul Morris.