Tsunami Beach LSD Pro Dec. 2013

Twelve qualifying surfers from the Open comp joined twenty Pro SLSA surfers for the LSD challenge surfed on Maoli Monster wave.  The surfers carved the waves in style entertaining the audience in a thrilling end to Seaon 2 2013. Congrats to the finalists:

1st Bobbi Lavalle – 16.50
2nd Wilfrid Decuir – 15.50
3rd Zelda Zimberman – 15.00
4th Robin Mapp – 14.83
5th Abel Halderman – 14.50
6th Cierra Theriac – 13.33

Big thank you from all of SLSA family to our host sponsor Maryann Maa and all those that worked the competition:Event Coordinators- Robin Mapp & Alvaro Pevensey, Head Judge- Xander Datura, Judge-Mick Lunasea, Judge-Countess Decosta, Marshall-Neptune Maa, Security Officer – JohnnyWhadd, and DJ-Samantha Lane.

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