Solace Dreams, the home sim of SLSA, was the setting for the November 2014 SSI longboard Pro surfed on the new Epic Lite wave created by Sally LaSalle. It was some high flying fun as surfers climbed the tall wave and put on a show carving it up in style. Onlookers cheered the surfers as they all joined in to create a spectacular event!

Congratulations to the Finalists as well as Semi-Finalists. Cool surfing all!

1st Neptune01 15.33333
2nd Becks 14.33333
2nd Petra Xaris 14.33333
4th Harbor Piers 14.00000
5th Kr1st3n 13.83333
6th Sunrize Mornington 12.66667
6h Zelda Zimberman 12.66667

Semi Finalists:
Mike (valelly)
Sally LaSalle
KatieLove Adored
Lanky Silvercloud
Mick Lunasea

A big thank you from myself, Petra Xaris, and the entire SLSA family to all staff whom made this competition possible: EC – Petra Xaris assisted by Summer Amaranth, Annie Panties and Lanky Silvercloud, Head Judge – Maldrul Morris, Judge – JT Castanea, Judge – Roxyangel007, Marshals – Neptune and Cierra Theriac, Security Officer – Summer Amaranth, and DJ – ToniTrue.