The pituresque Sim of Bluff Cove was the setting of today’s SLSA Bluff Cove C-3 Open. Cheers were plentiful while the surfers showed off their skills carving up the maoli Freestyle and Swell waves. Congrats to all the Mini Finalists and those that qualify for the Pro.

Mini Finalist Winners:

1st Lanky Silvercloud 15.00
2nd Mike Vallely 14.66
3rd Followingwaves 13.00
4th Bullet Admiral 11.33
5th Diamond Carbetta 11.00

Pro Qualifiers:

Mick Lunasea 12.50
Rachel Emodemon 11.50
Diamond Carbetta 10.00
Renee Serendipity 9.50
Maryann Maa 7.67

A big thank you to all of our staff, Event Coordinator: Summerrain Garnet, Head Judge- Wil DeCuir, Judge-Neptune01, Judge-Annie Panties, Marshal-Roxyangel007, Security Officers-Cierra Theriac & Flynn Sheridan, DJ-Reign.

Please join us next week as our 10 qualifying surfers join 20 Pro surfers for a C-3 extravaganza. Same time, same place 11AM SLT March 28th, Bluff Cove!