Part II… Bundy on the Rocks SSi Longboard Pro concluded today. They were bruised, they were battered and even their rashies were torn as twenty-nine surfers took to the Pipe waves showing off their skills, navigating the formidable rocks, as the audience cheered with delight! Congrats to all the surfers whom participated today and to the winners!

1st Bobbi LaSalle 19.00
2nd Becks 16.66
3rd Mike 15.16
4th Sunrize Mornigton 14.00
5th Neptune01 11.66
6th Cierra 9.50

Semi Heats
Semi One
Neptune01 16.33
Cierra Theriac 15.50
Ronan Blake 11.50
Brad Fresh 10.83
Petra Xaris 8.67

Semi Two
Bobbi LaSalle 16.66
Sunrize Mornigton 16.00
Mike 14.66
Roxyangel007 12.16

Semi Three
Becks 16.33
Johnnywhadd 13.50
Maldrul Morris 12.66
Twstd Ruggles 12.66

Preliminary Heats
Heat One
Neptune01 17.83
Bobbi LaSalle 15.83
Cierra Theriac 12.66
Mick Lunasea 9.00

Heat Two
Sunrize Mornigton  15.83
Johnnywhadd 15.66
Mike 13.83
Twsted Ruggles 13.50
Maryann Maa 12.1

Heat Three
Maldrul Morris 13.00
Harbor Piers 11.00
Diamond  8.00
Willow 7.33
Destiny 0.00

Heat Four
Petra Xaris 13.00
Roxyangel007 13.00
Aquadoc  12.50
Rachel Emodemon  12.33
Curshaw  7.67

Heat Five
Becks 15.33
Ronan Blake 14.00
Renee Serendipity 10.33
Reigndrop 9.83
Slade Mano 9.50

Heat Six
Brad Fresh 13.66
Kristen 11.83
Toni Justices 10.50
Followingwaves Sirbu 10.16
Missylovesu 9.50

From myself, Petra Xaris, and the SLSA community a big thank you to our staff whom made this competition possible! Event Coordinators-Roxyangel007 & Cierra Thericac, Head Judge – Sally LaSalle, Judge – Annie Panties, Judge – Dax Verlaine, Judge – Willowwynn, Security Officer – Flynn Sheridan, Marshalls – Neptune01 & Laruen Mano and DJ- Lana. Watch for us in June when our comp will be at the Tsunami Beach sim owned by Maryann Maa and we’ll be surfing LSD surfboards.
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