Tai LSD Pro November 2015

Tai sim owned by Sally LaSalle was the setting of our 3rd comp of the season. It was an LSD experience no one will ever forget carving up the LSD waves created by Luscious Starship, the Empy Restaurant and Backdoor waves. Surfers had their choice of which they wanted to surf and this made for an interesting event. Congrats to all our surfers and winners of the day!

1st Moira 15.66
2nd Kristen 15.00
3rd Ronan Blake 14.66
4th RoxyAngel 14.16
5th MissyLovesU 13.83
6th Petra Xaris 11.33

Semi Final 1
RoxyAngel007 14.33*
Petra Xaris 13.50* # surf off wave 6.66
Neptune01 13.33
Mick Lunasea 11.66

Semi Final 2
Moira 15.00*
Rayzza Rubble 13.50 #surf off wave 5.66
Maldrul Morris 13.00
JohnnyWhadd 10.83

Semi Final 3
Kristen 14.33*
Ronan Blake 14.00*
MissyLovesU 13.66*
Gia Melody 12.50

Preliminary Heats
Heat 1
Neptune01 16.33*
MissyLovesU 13.83*
Petra Xaris 12.50*
Annie Panties 11.33

Heat 2
Moira 15.00*
RoxyAngel007 14.33*
Carlyle Chaparall 8.17
Jims Destiny DNS

Heat 3
Ronan Blake 13.83*
Maldrul Morris 12.33*
Aquadoc 11.33
Stoner130 8.50

Heat 4
Mick Lunasea 12.16*
Gia Melody 12.00*
Toni Justice 11.83
Daphny Wardley DNS

Heat 5
JohnnyWhadd 13.83*
Cierra Theriac 11.33
Mike Vallely DNS
Zelda Zimberman DNS

Heat 6
Kristen 14.33*
Rayzza Rubble 14.00*
Rachel Emodemon DNS
Reigndrop DNS

A big thank you to Sally LaSalle our title sponsor at her Tai sim and to our staff whom made this fun day possible: EC – Gia Melody and Cierra Theriac, Head Judge- Sally LaSalle, Judge – JT Castanea, Judge – Bobbi Laval, Marshal – Roxy Angel and Neptune and Cierra, Security Officer- Rayzza Rubble and DJ – Johnny Whadd. Trophies and Rashies by – Sallly LaSalle.

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