Our End of Season Awards held at Rayzza’s Waterfront Theatre and DJ’s by Reignie was a great eveing for all. Congrats to all that received awards and induction into the SLSA Hall of Fame for season two 2015!

Top 10 Indvidiual Ranking:
1st: Neptune
2nd: Ronan Blake
3rd: Roxyangel007
4th: Kristen Tremor
5th: Cierra Theriac
6th: Moira
7th: Petra Xaris
8th: Toni Justice
9th: Gia Melody
9th: JohnnyWhadd

Top 3 teams:
1st: Tai Chi Zen
2nd: Montego
3rd: Tsunami

Angel Award: Cierra Theriac

Rookie of the Season: Moira

Sportsmanship Award: Ronan Blake

Most Improved: Cierra Theriac & Curshaw

Hall of Fame Inductions for Surfing:
1st Neptune
2nd Ronan Blake

Hall of Fame Inductees for Contribution to SLSA & Surfing Community
Annie Panties (jadeeast)

A special thank you to all of our venue sponsors:
Bundy Reef – Bobbi LaSalle
Bluff Cove – Cierra Theriac
Kauai – Twstd Ruggles
Tai – Sally LaSalle
Surf Religion – Valium Lavender

A special thank you to all of our season sponsors:

Cape San Blas Beach – Lyn Naveah
Maoili – Denise Foxtrot
Surf Religion – Valium Lavender
Bundy Reef – Bobbi LaSalle
Tai Chi – Sally LaSalle


Grand Haven Surf – Aquadoc
Bluff Cove – Cierra Theriac
Surfside – Cierra Theriac
Waverider Designs – Cierra Theriac
Lazy Daize – KristieRenae
Lucky 13 – JohnnyWhadd & Team
Ocean Shores – Wil DeCuir
C3 Surfboards by Shack – Shack Shjapiro
LSD – Luscious Starship

Special thank you to all our staff including judges, marshals, event coordinators, security officers and DJ’s:
Annie Panties – Judge
Bobbi Laval – Head Judge, Judge
Cierra Theriac – EC, Head Judge, Marshal, Security Officer
Connie Decosta – Judge
Daphne Yardley – Event Coordinator
Flynn Sheridan – Judge
Gia Melody – Event Coordinator, Marshal
Jen Gustafson – Judge
Johnny Whadd – Judge, DJ
JT Castanea – Judge, Head Judge
Lauren Mano – Marshal
Neptune – Head Judge, Judge, Marshal
Petra Xaris – Event Coordinator
Rayzza Rubble – Judge, Security Officer
Reigndrop – Marshal, DJ
Robbin Ember – Judge
Ronan Blake – Judge
Roxyangel006 – Marshal
Sally LaSalle – Head Judge, Judge
Tom Box – DJ
Valium Lavender – Security Officer
Zelda Zimberman – Judge

And to all out rashie and trophy makers, thank you!
Bobbi LaSalle, Cierra Theriac, Gia Melody, Jen Gustafson, Neptune, and Sally LaSalle