Solace Dreams HP5 Pro Season 1 2016

Season 1 2016 started off with a bang at our home sim Solace Dreams as 27 surfers took to the Maoli Tahiti waves on their HP5 surfboards. Some say HP5 is the most realistic surfboard for surfing in SL! The talented surfers carved up the waves in style as the crowd cheered them on from the stands. It was a fun day for all. Congrats to all our surfers and to our Finalists!

Cierra Theriac     15.66
Lanky Silvervloud     15.25
Sunrize Mornington 15.16
Roxyangel007     15.00
Slade Mano     14.83
Tyler Peace     14.83

Semi Final Heats
Semi One
Cierra Theriac     15.08
Sunrize Mornington 15.00
Petra Xaris     14.66
Mick Lunasea     14.00

Semi Two
Roxy                  15.33
Slade Mano     15.25
Lanky Silvercloud     14.75
Solsty Kismet     14.41

Semi Three
Tyler Peace     15.00
Vallely Resident     14.66
Ronan Blake     14.58
Sally LaSalle     14.16

Preliminary Heats
Heat One
Ronan Blake     15.25
Vallely Resident     14.50
Tyler Peace     14.33
Annie Panties     13.75
Twsted Ruggles     0.00

Heat Two
Cierra Theriac     16.08
Petra Xaris     14.75
Mick Lunasea     14.41
Rachel Emodemon     13.66
Stoner130     13.33

Heat Three
Followingwaves Sir       14.25
Gia Melody       14.00
Jims Destiny       13.83
Curshaw MacTagairt 9.33
Missy Lovesu       0.00

Heat Four
Sunrize Mornington 15.08
Sally LaSalle     14.75
Liberty Justice     14.00
Luis025                  0.00

Heat Five
Roxyangel007     15.58
Solsty Kismet     14.33
Michael Zeref     14.16
Moonie Kismet      11.91

Heat Six
Lanky Silvercloud     14.91
Slade Mano     14.66
Aquadoc        13.58
KeiRaven     12.66
Bri Graycloud     0.00

Thank you to our community and to our staff that helped make this comp possible. Event Coordinator- Gia Melody, Head Judge – Bobbi Laval, Judge – Daphne Yardley, Judge – Shannon Cardalines, Marshalls – Roxy and Neptune, Security Officer – Petra Xaris, DJ Blood and DJ Maldrul Morris. Trophies and Rashies created by Petra Xaris. Join us in March on the 12th and 19th 1PM SLT for our Bluff Cove C-3 comps!

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