Top Twenty SLSA surfers met up with 10 Open surfers to compete for the Bluff Cove C-3 Pro comp on March 19, 2016. The surfers were at it all week in practice and it proved to be a very close scored competition. Congrats to all those that surfed and to our finalists. Awesome surfing everyone!

Final 6:18 PM
Tyler Peace 16.08
Liberty Justice 15.83
Moira 15.58
Solsty Kismet 15.50
Mike 15.33
Roxy 15.33
Semi One 4:36 PM
Moira     15.58
Mike     15.33
Solsty Kismet 15.16
AndinCrowe 13.75
Semi Two 5:10 PM
Roxy     15.16
Strike Kumsung 15.08
Ronan Blake 14.91
missylovesu 14.08
Semi Three 5:38 PM
Tyler Peace 15.83
Liberty Justice 15.41
Stoner130 14.33
Gia Melody 13.83

Preliminary Heats:

Heat One 1:30 PM
Ronan Blake 15.00
Ophelia Merryman 13.33
llightn Firelyte 11.25
Carlyle Chaparral 0.00
Sunrize Momington 0.00

Heat Two 2:03 PM
venera74 Resident 15.08
Strike Kumsung 14.33
missylovesu Reside 14.25
Stoner130 Resident 14.08
bbwbabe Resident 12.08

Heat Three 2:29 PM
Annie Panties 13.83
Petra Xaris 13.75
Cierra Theriac 13.16
Followingwaves Sir 12.66
Mick Lunasea 11.66

Heat Four 2:54 PM
Solsty Kismet 14.91
Liberty Justice 14.58
Rachel Emodemon 12.08
Jims Destiny 11.66
Jen Gustafson 0.00

Heat Five 3:30 PM
Roxy 14.83
Vallely Resident 14.50
AndinCrowe Residen 14.33
Gia Melody 14.33
ReignDrop Resident 13.50

Heat Six 4:03 PM
Tyler Peace 15.00
Lanky Silvercloud 13.00
Aquadoc 12.25
Curshaw Resident 8.67
KeiRaven Resident 0.00

Thanks to all the staff whom made this possible, Event Coordinator-Petra Xaris, Head Judge-Sally LaSalle, Judge-Shanon Cardalines, Judge-Zelda Zimberman, Security Officer-Cierra Theriac, Marshals- Roxy, Neptune and Cierra, DJ Reignie and a special thanks to Gia Melody for her rashie creations that dressed the surfers in style both Mesh and System designs and Neptune for his beautiful trophies. Join us next month as we meet of again for the Bundy Open and Pro on April 9th and 16th at the gorgeous Bundy Reef!