Solace Dreams home of SLSA was the setting for the last comp of the season sponsored by Tsunami Beach/Maryann Maa. Surfers took to the Epic Lite waves on their SSi longboards displaying their skills as they carved up the waves. It was a fun day for all. Congrats to all those whom participated and our finalists!

Moira 14.41
Tyler Peace 14.25
Slade Manzo 13.50
Petra Xaris 13.41
ToniTrue 13.33
Baylee 13.00

Semi One
ToniTrue 12.75
Petra Xaris 12.16
Roxy 11.91
Annie Panties 11.00
Semi Two
Baylee 13.16
Moira 12.91
Gia Melody 12.08
Stoner130 9.25
Semi Three
Slade Manzo 14.41
Tyler Peace 13.25
Followingwaves Sirbu 10.66
Mick Lunasea 9.83

Heat One
luis025 Resident 14.25
venera74 Resident 13.08
GiavannaMarie Melody 12.66
Jadeeast Resident 9.33
Curshaw Resident 8.75
Heat Two
Petra Xaris 12.75
Stoner130 Resident 9.17
Cierra Theriac 0.00
Syykyr Resident 0.00
Vallely Resident 0.00
Heat Three
austimus1 Resident 12.91
Mick Lunasea 11.83
Jims Destiny 0.00
missylovesu Reside 0.00
Heat Four
roxyangel007 Resid 14.83
ophelia merryman 14.33
alectoishere Resid 0.00
sarah94578 Residen 0.00
Heat Five
tonitrue Resident 13.75
followingwaves sir 9.17
Aquadoc Resident 5.58
Carlyle Chaparral 0.00

A special thank you to everyone who made this comp possible to our Title sponsor Maryann Maa, Event Coordinators – Annie Panties & Petra Xaris, Head Judge- Cierra Theriac, Judge- Rayzza Rubble, Judge – JT Castanea, Marshals – Roxy and Gia Melody, Security- Petra Xaris, and DJ Dino. Rashie and Trophy Maker: Moira. Thank you to all the surfers that participated in Season One 2016. Happy Surfing!