Cloud Nine HP5 Pro August 2016

SLSA Pro surfers took to the Joaquina waves for the Cloud Nine HP5 Pro. It was a great day of high flying fun as the surfers showed off their skills! Congrats to all the surfers and to our finalists!

Roxyangel007 resident (Orange)12.58
luis025 Resident (Purple) 12.08
tonitrue Resident (Black) 12.00
Venera74 (Blue) 11.83
Rayzza Rubble (Red) 11.66
Cierra Theriac (Green) 11.5

Semis 1, 2 and 3
Rayzza Rubble (Blue) 13.33
Venera74 (Red) 12.91
Cierra Theriac (Blue) 12.66
Roxyangel007 resident (Red) 12.5
luis025 Resident (Green) 12.25
tonitrue Resident (Orange) 12.25
GiavannaMarie Melody (Blue) 12
KrisMarley Resident (Green) 11.75
Syykvr resident (Orange) 11.66
Bri Graycloud (Green) 10.91
Petra Xaris (Red) 9.75
atlasshugged3 (Orange) 5.5

Heat 1
missylovesu resident (Red) 0.00
Venera74 (Blue) 13.25
Roxyangel007 resident (Green)12.91
ophelia merryman (Orange) 11.33
Curshaw Resident (Purple) 7.25

Heat 2
Cierra Theriac (Red) 12.75
Bri Graycloud (Blue) 12.16
Petra Xaris (Green) 13.16
Jen Gustafson (Orange) 0.00
Stoner130 Resident (Purple) 0.00

Heat 3
GiavannaMarie Melody (Red) 12.66
luis025 Resident (Blue) 12.08
Syykvr resident (Green) 11.58
tonitrue Resident (Orange) 11.58
Aquadoc Resident (Purple) 11.16

Heat 4
Andincrowe Resident 11.33
atlasshugged3 11.41
KrisMarley Resident (Green) 11.91
Rayzza Rubble (Orange) 12.83
Sarah Galloway (Purple) 0.00

A special thank you to all who made this day possible, our title sponsor Baylee Merryman, EC- Cierra Theriac, HJ- Annie Panties (Jadeeast), J- Mick Lunesa , J- Bobbie LaSalle, Marshal- Roxy, Security- Valium Lavender and DJ – Lilith (LadyLilith2012). Trophies and Rashies made by Gia Melody.

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