Beautiful Bundy Reef was the setting for our first comp of season 1 2017. Surfers carved the waves using HP5 surfboards on Maoli 4 All waves. The crowd cheered our surfers on and everyone had a fun day! Congratulations to all of our surfers for participating and to our finalists!


1st: Cierra Theriac 16.00

2nd: Moira (venera74) 15.91

3rd: Kris Marley 15.50

4th: Bri Graycloud 14.91

5th: Aquadoc 14.41

6th: Teddy Bear (atlasshrugged3) 12.41

Preliminary Heats:

Heat One
venera74 Resident 16.16
Cierra Theriac 16.00
Bri Graycloud 14.50
Mick Lunasea 9.75

Heat Two
Neven Anthony 12.50
Petra Xaris 10.75
Nicollebaby 0.00

Heat Three
KrisMarley Residen 16.00
Aquadoc Resident 13.50
atlasshrugged3 Res 13.25
joaomiguelkobalt 10.50
JohnnyWhadd 0.00

Thank you to all that made the comp possible, our title sponsor Cierra Theriac, Head Judge – Annie Panties, Judge – JT Castanea, Judge – Daphne Yardley,  Event Corrdinators- Kris Marley, Moira and Petra Xaris, Marshal – KeiRaven, Security – Kris Marley and Nash Laville, DJ Tiny and Rashie/Trophy maker Moira (venera74). Our next competition will be held at Solace Dreams Sim on March 25th and will be SSi longboard on the Sunset waves. See you all there . . .