It was SLSA’s 10th year anniversary comp at Sally LaSalle’s sim Tai. Seventeen surfers took to the Pipeline Lite waves on their SSi shortboards. It was a special day for all who attended, from the surfers to the staff and those that joined us to cheer and celebrate. Congrats to all the surfers and to our finalists!


1st JohnnyWhadd 14.08
2nd KrisMarley 13.66
3rd Moira 13.16
4th Bodhi Lowtide 12.91
5th Cierra Theriac 12.66
6th Teddy Bear 12.41

Preliminary heats
Heat 1
Moira 13.00
Bohdi Lowtide 12.91
FollowingWaves 11.91
Aquadoc 10.08
Curshaw MacTaigart 9.50

Heat 2

KrisMarley 13.33
Mick Lunasea 10.83
Petra Xaris 9.92
MaryAnn Maa 8.00
MissyLovesU 0.00

Heat 3

JohnnyWhadd 14.41
Teddy Bear 12.08
Annie Panties 10.00
JoaomiguelKobalt 0.00
Nik Nak 0.00
Heat 4
Cierra Theriac 12.25
Bri Graycloud 10.91
KeiRaven 9.67
FabricioZTronks 0.00

Thank you to all those that helped make this comp possible. Host Sim Tai – Sally LaSalle. Event Coordinators – Moira & Petra Xaris, Head Judge – Sally LaSalle, Judge – Bobbi LaSalle, Judge – Neptune01, Marshal – Roxy, Security Officer – Petra Xaris, and DJ DarkDiamond. See you all next season when we continue our comps in August…until then happy surfing!