September 23rd we had our 2nd comp of season two 2017 at Solace Dreams sim and Title sponsored by Team Surf Crazy. It was a fun day for all as the surfers took to the Maoli Tahiti waves and showed off their talents while carving up the waves. Congrats to all the surfers who participated and to the top 6 finalists!

Heat 1
Curshaw 10.33
Kristen 15.83
GiGi 10.41
Petra Xaris 13.00
Meka Sands 10.75

Heat 2
GiavannaMarie Melo 0
Figger Arun 13.66
Teddy Bear 11.58
KrisMarley Resident 16.00
xNiko808x Resident 8.50

Heat 3
Nicollebaby Resident 13.16
Venera74 Resident 16.58
austimus1 Resident 17.33
Aquadoc Resident 9.91
JohnnyWhadd 15.25

1st Venera74 Resident 17.91
2nd Kristen 17.66
3rd KrisMarley Resident 17.00
4th austimus1 Resident 16.66
5th JohnnyWhadd 15.83
6th Figger Arun 13.83

A big thank you to Team Surf Crazy our Title Sponsor and to all our staff, EC’s: Moira (venera74) Petra Xaris, Head Judge Annie Panties, Judge- JT Castanea, Judge – Mick Lunasea, Marshal – Solsty Kismet, Security Officer – Petra Xaris and DJ Tiny. Also a thank you to Teddy Bear and Mick for creating beautiful and stylish rashies and trophies! See you all on October 21st when we meet up again for the Bluff Cove C-3 Pro. Until then Happy Surfing everyone!