No matter how careful we are, sometimes things are not quite clear. Here are the basics regarding the election:

WHEN – Elections will be held over a 24-hour period, midnight to midnight SLT, Saturday Sept. 1

WHO CAN VOTE – Surfers who have competed in at least 1 SLSA event (imagi, Crab Island, Chi) may vote [Note: you must have competed/surfed not just entered] Still not sure? Check the results page-if you received a placing in one of the events (you have numbers after your name) you can vote

WHAT IS BEING VOTED ON – 2 seats/places/director positions are open

WHO YOU CAN VOTE FOR – Running in this election are: Craig Stallion, Dharma Austin, and Rani Decosta

WHAT DO YOU DO – Here’s the technical part: How to vote
1) Create a notecard
2) Rename your notecard – SLSA Election Vote
3) Write your name at the top
4) Select two of the above persons and write their names – Do not write one name twice, one person cannot sit in two seats
5) Save your notecard
6) Send your notecard (drop in profile inventory) to all 5 current board members: Cierra Theriac, Flynn Sheridan, Kimmy Fitzgerald, Malcolm Sydney, and Seano Osumi – if we do not ALL get your notecard your vote will be voided. You can check your transaction history to make sure it was sent to everyone

– not following all of the above will invalidate/void your vote. This is to insure fairness and accuracy.

– WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? No SLSA Board-no one to organize surf competitions

If you have any questions at all, please IM Cierra Theriac or Flynn Sheridan. We want you to vote, so we are more than happy answer questions and clarify anything regarding the election process.