2019 Season 2 Schedule ** All Dates, Times and Waves/boards are subject to change ** August 31st Time: TBD Venue:  Solace Dreams Board: C-3 Wave: Maoli Tahiti LM:  Solace Dreams September 28th Time: 11:00 AM SLT Venue:Tai Surfing Board:  HP5 Wave: Marina Bay LM: TBD October 19th Time: 1PM SLT Venue: Chi Board:  SSi Shortboard Wave: Fluffy LM: TBD November 23rd Time: 12PM SLT Venue: Bluff Cove Board:  C-3 Wave: Maoli Swell & Freestyle LM: Bluff Cove Decmber TBD Time: TBD Venue: TBD Board:  TBD Wave: TBD LM: TBD