Q: When is the next competition?
A: Check the event calendar page for a current listing.

Q: How do I compete?
A: First, join SL Surfing Association via “Groups” in-world, Watch for Registration Notices. Keep an eye on the Forum Surf SLSA Discussion Forum
Q: What kind of board can I ride/use?
A: At this time, the only approved boards for competition are boards scripted by Heather Goodliffe. You must ride a longboard for longboard competitions and shortboards in shortboard competitions. If boards are provided for a competition, you must ride on a competition provided board. Anything else is grounds for disqualification. If you have any questions, please ask one of the board members.

Q: How do I join SLSA?
A: In-world, search “Groups” for SLSA, either under:
Edit (top of screen), Groups…, Search
“Search” (button at bottoms of screen), Groups,
then look for “SL Surfing Association” and click “Join”. That’s it.

Q: Do I have to join SLSA?
A: To compete in SLSA sanctioned events, Yes.

Q: Is there a fee to join SLSA?
A: No, membership is open to any Second Life Resident

Q: Is there an entrance fee to compete?
A: Nope, just join SLSA

Q:Does my bum look big in this?
A:Yes! Get over it! 🙂

Q: Why would I want to do any of this?
A: Because surfing in Second Life is a BLAST! WooT! Come play with us.

Q: What organizations/philanthropies do you support?
A: There are so many worthy causes and organizations that it is impossible for us to fairly support them all. For that reason, we are not able to have donation sites or solicitations at SLSA competitions. Instead please give directly to the cause of your choice. Give well, and give often. 🙂