Meet The Director Candidates September 8th Election

The following candidates have put in nominations to run for our September 8th Director Election, Kei Fury (KeiRaven) and Meka Sands (Meka Chaffe)  We thank they both for their willingness to volunteer to serve. You may read more at the SLSA forum:



Reopening Call for Director Candidates September 8, 2019

We did not get the required number of director candidate nominations by the deadline last night, and so we’re opening up the nominations for another week starting today. They will close on Sunday the 25th with the election being on Sunday, September 8th. If we don’t get enough nominations by the new deadline, we will have to postpone the season of events according to the SLSA Constitution. If you would like to apply please follow the process in our post at the forum:

Thank you and Happy Surfing Everyone!

S2 2019 August 31st C-3 Comp Registration Open

You’re all invited to surf in our 1st Comp of Season 2 2019!
Registration is now open at our forum and will close on August 28th at 12PM SLT.
Comp Details:
Date and Time: August 31st 12:00 PM SLT
Sim: Solace Dreams
Wave: Moali Tahiti
Board: C-3 (Your own or the rezzer)
url for sign up:

Happy Surfing Everyone!

Call for Director Candidates Sept. 1, 2019

We will be holding a general election on September 1st for two open seats to be filled for Director positions. If you would like to put in your nomination you are welcome between 8/11 and 8/18. Please read more at our forum:

Thank you and happy surfing everyone!

SLSA End of Season Awards August 10th 1PM SLT

SLSA will be holding it’s End of Season Awards on August 10th at 1PM SLT. The dress will be formal and it will be held at the Tai sim. An LM will be sent out closer to the event. We’ll, have the awards presentations and dancing after. Everyone is welcome to join us in celebrating Season one 2019! Hope to see you there!

Call For Venues Season 2 2019

If you would like to host a surfing competition this season 2 2019 which runs from August through December, please fill out the survey below:
Applications should be submitted by July 24, 2019

Read more at our forum:

Thank you!

SLSA Booth at SL16B

SLSA has a booth at the Second Life Birthday celebration. You are all welcome to come and visit. A special thank you to all that helped build it! Here is your limo:

SLSA Soul Surfer LSD Pro Competition Registration

Sign up is open for the June competition. The details are bellow with a link to the registration thread at the forum.

Date: June 29th, 2 PM SLT
Sim: Tai Surfing
Wave: LSD Empty Restaurant
Board: LSD (Comp Rezzer ONLY provided)