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Registration Now Open–Carpe Diem/Barton Springs Series

The 2012 Season 2 competition schedule kicks off on August 18 with the Open at Carpe Diem/Barton Springs. The Pro event will be held August 25.

All details can be found in the Forums under Competition Registration. Let’s get this season started off right with a huge turnout for both surfers and spectators alike.


With a new season comes the new push for sponsorships for the 2012 season 2 schedule. It takes money to put on fun events for everyone, and sponsorships are the way the SLSA can put on an entire season. Not to mention, a great way for your businesses to get exposure and potential new customers while supporting our organization. And you may be surprised at how inexpensive sponsorship in the SLSA can be!

If you are interested, please contact Bobbi Laval or Imzadi Amaterasu for further details.

Announcing 2012 Season 2 Schedule. New Venues and Waves to Surf!

The SLSA happily announces the 2012 Season 2 schedule, with three new venues hosting events: Carpe Diem/Barton Springs (August), Asylum Break (October) and Cape Marina (December).

This will be the first season where a Mesh wave will be used in SLSA competition. Other new waves to the SLSA competition schedule are the Nalu and the HP Jaws.

In addition to the new venues, the SLSA will return to Tsunami Beach in September for the first time since its rebirth, and rounds out with the traditional Fluffy comp at Chi in November.

Dates for the season’s competitions can be found in the Forums under 2012 Season 2 Fixtures. We hope to see you there, either surfing or watching!

Encinitas Comp to Make SLSA History to End 1st Half of Season 10

Coming on the heels of the historic 50th SLSA competition at Tai, the first half of the 10th SLSA season closes out with comp #51 at Encinitas. This will make history as the first SLSA-sanctioned competition to allow the use of a non-SSi surfboard. All competitors will use the HP5 board during the Open and Pro event. Come join us at Encinitas for the Open on June 16th at 11 AM SLT. The top 20 surfers and those who qualify from the Open will surf the Pro event on June 23rd. We hope to see you there.